Things Stitched

January 20, 2008

Tulle Tribble

Here is my Tribble made from tulle.

For the pattern go to:

I bought a roll of 6 inch by 25 yard tulle. Before I took off the plastic, I drew a center line on the wrapping and took a razor blade and cut the whole way down to the cardboard.

I don't know how long it ended up being, I just knitted until I came to the end of 1/2 my tulle. I was afraid to pull the tulle tight, but I did and it ended up looking pretty good. Not sure the cost is worth it. The roll cost $2.99, I had 40% Michael's coupon (silly to use it on such a small item, I know) and my newly 6% tax, it came to: $.95 per tribble or scrubbie as most know it.

January 19, 2008

Grand Prix

We had our annual Grand Prix car race at church on January 19th. They had it on a Saturday with both the boys an girls racing on the same day. We ALL had a wonderful time. Katie's in the first picture, Justin is in the second picture. The third picture is Katie with her THIRD PLACE RIBBON. Yeah Katie!

Jason has to be in third grade before he can race. He'll race a boat on February 27th.

January 12, 2008

Pine Car Derby

Justin had his first Pine Car Derby race with the Boy Scouts on January 12, 2008. He made a famous "Mr. Nutty" race car that was the neatest thing! He won third place out of 25 boys racing! Great job Justin. His trouphy was so cool, we're making a shelf for it!

My Cake

The boy scouts had a Pine Car Derby Race on January 12, 2008. They also had a silent auction of cakes. This was my cake. It brought in $50 for those boys!! I was so excited, the highest bid out of 20 cakes!