Things Stitched

July 21, 2006

What Time Is It?

It was Neighborhood Bible Time at our church all week. Sunday to Friday. There were 3 classes for each grade, 1st - 6th. In each class, there was a teacher, a missionary and an assistant. This year, I was an assistant for a 6th grade class. We had an hour and 10 minutes of classroom time, 10 minutes for a snack, and an hour of rally time. Mr. Robert was our evangelist for the week and had LOTS of excitement to share with the children.
The pictures are of Trish's and my kids, children arriving and waiting for class to start in the 99 degree heat!, change offering and buckets of bricks (you could buy a brick for $5) It was a contest between the boys and girls every night and whose bucket weighed more, and Evangeline the Elf. If you brought a friend to NBT, you could go with Evangeline and see her Ice Room and get a freeze pop and "snow" in your hair.