Things Stitched

August 23, 2006

Odds and Ends Dishcloths

A recent question on my Yahoo Group (Monthly Dishcloths) was: "What does everyone do with those little balls of yarn that are left over from a full dishcloth?" Here's what I do:

This is Grandma's Favorite. I start with a small ball and when I'm almost to the end, I start knitting with a new small ball. In this picture, I used up 4 small balls that I had sitting around. I used the "knit-in join" method to start with a new color.

This is a Kitchen Cotton pattern. I picked a solid color that I had a bigger ball of and knitted the first 2 rows with that color. When I got to the K1, P1 row, I used my little, tiny balls. In this picture, I used up 6 little, tiny balls. None of the little balls really matched each other, but I think it looks like a dishcloth over the rainbow.