Things Stitched

November 10, 2006

Entry #2

I want to thank EVERYONE for sending me their suggestions. I could not believe how many emails I received with such great names! I've tried to list most of them below, but that's only about 1/2 of what I received. I really liked the name "Bamboozled" because I thought it would get attention from the judges. I had 4 people send me that name, so I put them all in a hat and picked Dawn W. Thanks again! I'm sure I'll have another cloth in a couple of months that will need a name too :)

Pillars of Strength - 2nd choice
Towers of Babel - 3rd choice
Bamboo Ribbons
On the Straight and Narrow
Anchor Lines
Heavenly Bamboo
Bridges Over Water
Bamboo Beauty
Oriental Dream
Far East Fantasy
Bamboo Garden
Bamboo Bars
Bamboo Shoots
Bamboo Columns
Bamboo Trinity
Greek Columns - Roman Columns
Basket Cables
The Berry Patch
Roman Numeral Three
Bamboo and Seeds
The Garden's Rows
Bamboo Needles
Tracks in the Snow
Ropes of Pearl
Wrapped Columns
Cables in the Sand
Mocked Cable Sticks
Reeds Among the Seeds
Ponytail Cloth
Bamboo Forest
Bamboo Moss
Corn Rows
Harvest Time
Crossover Ropes
Cabled Columns
With a Twist
All Tied Up
Mah Jong
Three Bamboo
Candy Cane Sticks
Peas in a Pod
Along the Way
Tropical Bamboo
Andi's Ladder
Bamboo Poles
The Pretzel Sticks
Ladder of Love
Totum Poles
Railroad Tracks
Twizzler Sticks
Bee Hives
Fertile Rows
Pink Trinity
Stripped Bars
Cranberry Goosebumps
Seeded Pillars
Towers of Babel
Bamboo in the Wind
Stalks in Seeds
Three Columns
Licorice Whips
Bamboo Delight
Mossy Twigs
Bamboo on Rice
Mossy Lanes
Beanstalk Cloth
Shoo Shoo Bamboo