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March 10, 2006

Little Shells Dishcloth

Little Shells Dishcloth Pattern -

March 09, 2006

Little Fountain Dishcloth

Little Fountain Dishcloth Pattern -

March 08, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

A special little yarn fairy flew over my house and dropped off this wonderful box of cotton yarn, so......

I've been busy knitting dishcloths for a
FUN with KNITTING event on my group: Monthly Dishcloth Group

Of course this one is Grandma's Favorite,
the easiest of dishcloths.

This dish cloth was from
The Dishcloth Boutique.
This one is called "Open Star". I just love all their patterns and find myself looking there a lot. This was a very quick knit and looked awesome when finished.

This pattern came from
Creative Knitting.
I was so upset with the magazine because there was a mistake in the magazine. I didn't think to look on the web site before I started the cloth. Lesson learned.
You can see the mistake on the left of the cloth.

Another pattern from
The Dishcloth Boutique.
This one is called "Stepped Ridge". I messed up though and didn't "step" my "ridges".
Looked good though.

Yet another pattern from
The Dishcloth Boutique.
This one is called "Lacy Knit".
Very easy and quick.

March 01, 2006

Project Linus

I'm involved with Project Linus. My local chapter is the best! Very active in the community. If you're not aware of what Project Linus provides, please visit their web site and get involved. You can find the leader of your local community at:

Every blanket goes to a child that has been hospitalized or in a trama situation. What joy it is to be wrapped in a blanket made of love. I get such a joy out of making these blankets. Every time I drop some off, I get a great big smile on my way out. I just finished 15 fleece blankets for donation. Our local chapter is having a raffle for a $100 gift certificate to Wal-Mart. You get one entry for each blanket your donate the first quarter of the year. Wish me luck!