Things Stitched

August 30, 2006

Socks - 4th Pair

I've been wanting to try some self-stripping sock yarn, but of course Michael's does not carry anything like that. So, I placed an order with Knit Picks. I couldn't just order one, so I ordered enough yarn to make 2 sets of socks (plus some wool). I used the pattern from Knitting Socks Online Class, by Kristin. This was my 4th pair using her pattern. If you have not made socks yet, I suggest checking out her site. She has the best instructions and best pictures I've seen. I think I'm ready to try a different pattern now. I used Parade, sport weight. I bought 2 skeins at only $2.49 each. I used size 3 US double pointed needles. I used 2 sets. After I casted on my first sock, I casted on my second so I could start at the exact spot. I took turns knitting both socks, so I would finish them at the same time. I really wanted to make sure they matched. And they did!

I also bought some Simple Stripes, finger weight yarn. I think I'm going to try a "toe up" pattern so I don't run out of yarn. I only have 2 feet left from the first pair. Good thing I stopped the ribbing when I did! I'm also going to knit on size 1 US or 2 US, but I need to buy another set of one of them.

August 28, 2006

First Day of School

Wow, it's hard to believe it's the first day of a new school year. Katie starts 4th grade, Justin starts 2nd grade and Jason starts preschool. What in the world will I do? Yeah right, K N I T !

August 25, 2006

Fall Stitch Markers

I'm so excited about these cute little stitch markers. I took come Fimo clay and made pumpkins and candy corns from it. I can't wait for my fall stitch marker exchange. I'm ready! They are also for sell on eBay with all my other stitch markers. I'm just having so much fun with Katie, I really don't want to see her go back to school on Monday.

August 24, 2006

Terry Cloth

A wonderful friend sent some terry cotton yarn. I tried to crochet with it and I couldn't get the yarn through the holes. The yellow one is a garter stitch using size 7 needles and the orange one is a stockinette stitch using size 6 needles.

August 23, 2006

Odds and Ends Dishcloths

A recent question on my Yahoo Group (Monthly Dishcloths) was: "What does everyone do with those little balls of yarn that are left over from a full dishcloth?" Here's what I do:

This is Grandma's Favorite. I start with a small ball and when I'm almost to the end, I start knitting with a new small ball. In this picture, I used up 4 small balls that I had sitting around. I used the "knit-in join" method to start with a new color.

This is a Kitchen Cotton pattern. I picked a solid color that I had a bigger ball of and knitted the first 2 rows with that color. When I got to the K1, P1 row, I used my little, tiny balls. In this picture, I used up 6 little, tiny balls. None of the little balls really matched each other, but I think it looks like a dishcloth over the rainbow.

Sunny Days Dishcloth

Sunny Days Dishcloth

August 19, 2006

eBay Stitch Markers

I'm selling my stitch markers on eBay, designed by my daughter.

Come check them out, Katie gets all tickled inside when we looks to see how many people came to the site.

August 11, 2006

First Stitch Marker Exchange

A Yahoo Group called: Stuff Knitters Want and Gotta Have had a stitch marker exchange. This was my first marker exchange and was just thrilled by what I received. Deb from Little Rock picked out a beautiful butterfly glass bead just for me. She made matching side markers too. I love the way she tied them all together with a bow. Now I have to find some special way to display them. Some kind of padded board. Thanks so much Deb! I'm ready for my next exchange.

August 07, 2006

Huntingdon County, PA

Our vacation in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania...

We went to a small outdoor Amish Farmer's Market in Belleville, PA. They all drive horse and buggies, so this is a picture of their "parking lot". We bought 10 dozen ears of corn to come home and freeze. Got to love fresh corn in the freezer.

Next, we went to Lincoln Caverns in Huntingdon. The temperature in the caverns is always 52 degrees. It felt so good inside. It was a very interesting story to those caverns that we all enjoyed.

Next, was Horseshoe Curve in Altoona. What a beautiful scene.

Next, we went to Trough Creek State Park. We walked over a Swinging Bridge, past Rainbow Falls, past the Rhododendron Trail and up to Balanced Rock.

Balanced Rock appears to be perched on the edge of a cliff, ready to fall off at any moment into Great Trough Creek far below. This “erosion remnant” has hung here for thousands of years. Once part of a higher cliff, the hard rock of Balanced Rock was sitting on a layer of soft rock. The soft rock on the cliff face eroded first, easing Balanced Rock into its angled perch hanging over the valley. Eventually the soft rock around Balanced Rock eroded away, leaving the rock balanced on the edge of the cliff.

Last, was the East Broad Top Railroad in Orbisonia. It was an 11 mile ride and a rickety track. The kids loved it.